This tool helps you find the admin panel of any websites. There is a wordlist preloaded, and it is multi-threaded, therefore it can be quite fast.


This tool helps you find SQL injection vulnerability on a given list of URLs. It will do mass scan of the injection vulnerability through multi-processing


Just like any other programmer/linux user, I have my own dot-files repository. It includes everything I need for migrating to a new linux or mac system. Below are some of the popular and useful software configurations.

  • neovim config
  • i3 config
  • tmux config
  • polybar config
  • termite config

This project uses dotbot to deploy and manage the dotfiles, so installation is usually only two steps.

  1. Clone the repository
  2. ./install-profile linux or ./install-standalone program_name

Data structures

The following three projects are my attemps to implement the basic data structures with three different languages namely Python, Java and C to improve my understanding of the data structures I use daily. I have also written unit testing for each of the data structures that I have implemented.