I am a programmer who has been working in Singapore for the last 3 years, after getting a bachelor’s in IT at James Cook University. I was employed as a Research and Development Engineer in a cybersecurity startup, but now I work as a technical lead in the same company.

I usually program in 3 languages Python, Java and C/C++. Usually, python cannot satisfy the performance requirements of the programs I write, so I have to code it in either pure C or OOP structure with C++. I work with Java on Apache Storm distributed engine for real-time data processing, python as middleware or light processing and C to offload heavy performance bottlenecks.

Cybersecurity is a passion of mine, as well as programming. I like building things as much as breaking them. I have experience in doing web-based penetration testing, such as SQL injection, LFI, RFI, XSS, CSRF, etc. I am also active on HackTheBox (my profile), a platform where hackers can break into boxes for fun.

I have also developed some hacking tools for my usage when I found the existing tools to be lacking. Over time, I have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge of optimizations in various languages. And this blog is my attempt to share the world that I have learned throughout my journey be it in programming or in hacking. After all, what is the use of knowledge if it cannot be used to push the boundary of what is possible?

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Notable Opensource Contriubtions

Google’s Firebase SDK (GitHub), Release Notes

Implemented a new feature for streaming database changes to the clients via Server Sent Event streaming